Chinese Crime Network Extends Reach to Nepal-India Border Market, Arrests Made in Parsa

In a concerning development, the Chinese crime network, previously concentrated in Kathmandu, has expanded its operations to the Nepal-India border market, with recent arrests made in Parsa shedding light on the escalating cybercrime activities.

Operating under the guise of tourists, Chinese nationals, in collaboration with local Nepalis, have shifted their focus to cybercrime activities along the Nepal-India border, targeting areas such as Butwal, Bhairahawa, and now Parsa.

Authorities in Parsa recently apprehended three Chinese nationals engaged in illegal networking activities, including bypassing international calls and SMS, within Birganj Metropolitan City. The arrests came following a police raid on a residence located at 15 Lakshmanawa, where the suspects were operating their illicit business.

According to police reports, the Chinese nationals had clandestinely established a network by renting a house, facilitating their cybercrime operations. The investigation revealed that additional members of the network are still at large, prompting ongoing efforts by law enforcement to apprehend them.

Parsa’s Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kumar Bikram Thapa, confirmed the arrests and emphasized that the investigation into the matter is ongoing. The apprehended individuals are currently under scrutiny as authorities work to dismantle the criminal network operating in the region.

This recent incident underscores the evolving tactics employed by transnational criminal syndicates, highlighting the need for enhanced vigilance and cooperation among law enforcement agencies to combat cybercrime effectively. As the investigation progresses, authorities remain vigilant to prevent further infiltration of criminal elements into border regions and safeguard the security and integrity of Nepal’s borders.


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