Chinese Mafia Chiring’s Nepali Citizenship Revoked

The government has revoked the Nepali citizenship of Dawa Chiring, a Belgian citizen of Chinese origin, who played a central role in a high-profile gold smuggling case. The decision was made during a cabinet meeting held on Thursday.

Chiring, also known as the “Chinese mafia,” had acquired Nepali citizenship from the Kavrepalanchok district using the alias Nima Tamang on January 4, 2018. He is of Tibetan descent and currently holds Belgian citizenship and passport. Having been married to a Nepali woman, he had been residing in Nepal for an extended period.

Notably, Dawa Chiring is the owner of the Vienna Hotel located in Thamel, Kathmandu. Police investigations have revealed that he played a pivotal role in introducing Chinese criminal organizations to Nepal.

Further investigations unveiled his involvement in various criminal activities, including gold smuggling and hundi operations, all conducted under the guise of legitimate business operations. As a result, Dawa Chiring is presently in custody awaiting trial in the gold smuggling case.

It has also come to light that several other Chinese citizens who were arrested alongside Dawa Chiring possess Nepali citizenship. The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced that the process to cancel their citizenships has also been initiated, as authorities crack down on individuals involved in such illegal activities.


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