CIAA submits Annual Report to President

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has submitted its 33rd Annual Report to President Ramchandra Paudel today.

CIAA Chief Commissioner Prem Rai presented the annual report to the President amidst a ceremony organized at the Office of the President at Shital Niwas.

According to the report, the CIAA filed corruption cases against 766 individuals in 162 such cases in fiscal year 2022/23. Among the defendants, 622 are men and 138 women.

In the last fiscal year, a total of 20,905 complaints were received at CIAA through different channels.

Most of the complaints were related to the local level government which accounted for 35.95 of the total complaints received, according to the CIAA.

Likewise, it is said that altogether 18,799 complained received in the last fiscal year were cleared from screening and preliminary investigation process. Of them, a thorough investigation was initiated on 1,333 complaints, the CIAA said.

Similarly, 8,000 plus complaints have been kept on hold while concerned institutions have been written for required actions on 9,645 complaints.

As stated in the CIAA report, it registered 162 charge-sheets at the Special Court including 64 related to illegal benefits, 32 on bribe cases, 27 on losses to public properties and 13 on illegal income.

Likewise, eight cases have been registered relating to fake academic certificate and seven of revenue leakage and 11 cases are of different other issues.

In those cases, a total of 766 people have been made defendants and a total of Rs 177 billion has been sought from the accused.


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