Conquering the World Through Music is My Goal: Menuka Paudel

Menuka Paudel, a remarkable talent who captured hearts in the ongoing season of Indian Idol, is currently in Kathmandu.

The talented singer, who hails from Nepal’s Jhapa district, crossed the border through the Mechi bridge and was greeted with a warm welcome in her hometown.

Although Menuka faced elimination from the top 10 of the ongoing 14th season of Indian Idol, her journey has only just begun. Since returning to Nepal, she has been busy giving interviews and participating in various programs, captivating audiences with her charisma and talent.

In an televised interview on “The Prakash Subedi Show,” Menuka shared her ambitious plans for the future, expressing her desire to conquer the world through music. “I have plans to conquer the world, not just Nepal and India… I aim to conquer the world through music,” she declared with determination.

Menuka attributed her success to her faith, revealing her daily routine of starting the day with prayers to Sai Baba for energy and courage. She expressed gratitude for the opportunities she has been given and emphasized the importance of staying grounded amidst newfound fame.

Her journey to stardom is set to continue with an upcoming world tour as part of the Indian Idol Tour. Starting in April, she will perform in musical programs in Mauritius, the UK, and the United States, followed by concerts in South Africa and two other countries. Despite her international commitments, Menuka reassured fans that she would not forget her roots, pledging to continue recording songs in Nepal.

One notable aspect of Menuka’s promise to fans is her commitment to performing with a live band rather than using musical tracks. “If I have to sing anywhere, I will not use musical tracks. I will use a live band, like a concert of Nepathya and Kandara. I will not sing on tracks under any circumstances,” she affirmed.

As speculation swirls about a possible wild card entry for Menuka in the ongoing season of Indian Idol, she remains focused on her journey ahead. Despite her recent elimination from the competition, Menuka remains undeterred, showcasing resilience and determination as she pursues her dreams in the world of music.


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