Dr. Govinda KC Announces ‘Satyagraha’ Campaign on September 15

Renowned social activist and Senior Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Govinda KC, has declared his intention to launch a ‘satyagraha’ campaign on September 15 if his demands continue to go unaddressed.

Initially scheduled for August 14, Dr. KC had previously postponed the satyagraha due to commitments made by the government to fulfill his demands. However, in light of the government’s failure to uphold its promises, Dr. KC officially announced the resumption of the protest in a statement released on Monday.

Dr. KC expressed his disappointment, saying, “We deferred the satyagraha scheduled for August 14 by one month upon receiving assurances from the government that it would fulfill our demands. Regrettably, it appears the government has forgotten its promises; hence, we will resume our protest on September 15.”


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