Earthquake in Jajarkot Causes Damage to 89 Houses in Arghakhanchi

A powerful earthquake with its epicenter in Jajarkot, which struck around midnight on November 3, has led to significant devastation in Jajarkot and East Rukum, resulting in tragic human casualties and extensive property damage. The tremors from this seismic event have also reverberated across neighboring districts, causing structural damage to homes.

In the district of Arghakhanchi, located near the epicenter, the earthquake left its mark, with 89 houses sustaining moderate to partial damage, as reported by the District Police Office. Thankfully, there were no major casualties in Arghakhanchi due to the earthquake. Police Chief DSP Pratith Singh Rathore confirmed the extent of the damage in the district, with 89 houses being affected based on initial assessments.

The impact of the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks continues to be felt in the region, with local authorities and relief agencies working diligently to provide support to affected communities.


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