Elina Shocks Fans with Sudden Breakup: Love Story with Bishnu Ends!

The widely discussed romantic relationship between Nepali singer Elina Chauhan and Bishnu Sapkota has come to an end, leaving fans and followers in shock. The couple, whose love story had been a hot topic in town, has officially parted ways, marking the conclusion of their once-publicized romance.

Elina, the renowned singer, confirmed the breakup with Bishnu, who resides in Australia. In an exclusive statement, she revealed, “I ended things with Bishnu some time ago, and it hadn’t been revealed until now.” Elina expressed that she has moved on from the relationship and has chosen to put the memories behind her. Despite the stress she experienced in the aftermath of the breakup, she now feels relieved and is determined to focus on the future. “I don’t want to dwell on those memories of love anymore,” she added.

The love story between Elina and Bishnu began around a year ago when they crossed paths during Elina’s musical performance trip to Australia for Teej. Their relationship quickly became public, with both artists openly expressing their love and sharing moments on social media.

The unexpected breakup comes as a surprise to fans, especially as discussions about Elina and Bishnu’s potential marriage were circulating. The couple’s decision to part ways has added a new twist to the ongoing conversations in town, leaving many curious about the reasons behind the sudden separation.


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