Extramarital Affair: Bara’s School Principal’s Murder Motive Revealed

An extra-marital affair has been unveiled as the motive behind the murder of Rupesh Swarnakar, the principal of Bal Ekta Boarding School in Kalaiya sub-metropolitan city-6 of Bara. Investigating officers from the District Police Office, Bara, have uncovered a tragic tale of love gone awry.

According to preliminary police investigations, Swarnakar was engaged in a romantic relationship with a former teacher of the school. The affair took a dark turn when their relationship was exposed, leading to a violent outcome. The police have apprehended the former teacher in connection with the murder.

Swarnakar, who leaves behind a wife, a son, and a daughter, was caught in the midst of a tangled web of emotions. The former teacher was already involved with another individual, creating a volatile situation that ultimately culminated in Swarnakar’s tragic demise.

So far, seven individuals have been detained by the police, with their involvement in the murder case under intense scrutiny. The investigation is ongoing, as law enforcement works to unravel the full extent of this complex and tragic incident.

Swarnakar, was fatally shot by a group of four individuals riding two motorcycles on a fateful Monday afternoon. Swarnakar sustained severe injuries to his head and chest from the bullets and tragically succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical treatment at Vayodha Hospital in Birgunj.


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