Flood in Sinsawa River Blocks Tamor River, Causes Widespread Damage in Taplejung

The Sinsawa River in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, Taplejung District, experienced severe flooding due to incessant rainfall throughout Wednesday night. This surge of water has resulted in the blockage of the Tamor River, leading to significant disruptions and potential hazards for the local communities.

The flooding, accompanied by a landslide, struck near the Administrative Center of Tapethok in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality. Rajan Limbu (Mukti), the ward chair of Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, reported that the Tamor Corridor road, which connects Phungling Municipality and Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, is facing multiple blockades due to the flood in Sinsawakhola at Tapethok, Phaktanglung-5.

A substantial pond has formed as a result of the blockade, though the water is slowly starting to pass through. Fortunately, no human casualties have been reported despite the severity of the flooding. However, the floodwaters have devastated cultivable land, trees, saplings, and cardamom crops, which are a significant source of livelihood for the local farmers.

In response to the crisis, the rural municipality has issued a public notice urging residents to remain on high alert. The notice warns that the water level in the Tamor River has risen significantly, and other nearby rivers and rivulets are experiencing similar increases in water levels.

Local authorities are closely monitoring the situation and have advised the community to take necessary safety precautions. The full extent of the damage is still being assessed, and efforts are underway to clear the blockages and restore normalcy in the affected areas.


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