FNJ gears up to collect relief materials for affected media, journalists

The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has decided to take initiatives for the collection of relief assistance for those media and journalists affected by the November 3 earthquake in the Karnali Province.

At a press meet here today, the umbrella organisation of journalists said it will coordinate with its foreign chapters and other organisations to gather relief assistance for media personnel from the quake-stricken Jajarkot and Rukum West.

In meantime, the FNJ also discussed about the matters concerning the rights of working journalists at the programme.

FNJ President Bipul Pokhrel said they are working to end the issue of labour exploitation from journalism field. He also took time to urge the Kantipur Media Group to address the rights of those journalists it relieved ‘unlawfully’ instead of labelling accusations against the FNJ for standing for the cause of journalists.

According to FNJ general secretary, Roshan Puri, buildings of two media houses were completely damaged in the disasters and various journalists including two FNJ central members have lost their houses to the disaster.


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