Himalayan Reinsurance Provides Relief to Earthquake-Affected Communities

Himalayan Reinsurance Limited is actively engaged in supporting the communities affected by the devastating earthquake of magnitude 6.4 in the western region of Nepal.

Jajarkot and Rukum West have witnessed the most significant loss of life due to the earthquake that struck Ramidanda in Jajarkot last Friday.

According to government statistics, the death toll has reached 154, with thousands of houses destroyed and hundreds of people injured.

Moreover, extensive damage has been inflicted upon numerous houses, schools, and public infrastructures.

In response to this crisis, Himalayan Reinsurance Limited has demonstrated its commitment to aiding the affected communities by providing essential relief materials, including 1,878 tarpaulins and 2,000 blankets, valued at 35 lakh rupees.

As of now, 1,878 tarpaulins have reached the district administration office of Rukum West in Musikot, while the blankets are in the process of reaching the district administration office of Rukum West.

Himalayan Reinsurance Limited stands in solidarity with the communities affected by the earthquake and encourages others to contribute to the reconstruction efforts.

During this critical moment, the company emphasizes the importance of collaboration and effective measures by all parties involved. Himalayan Reinsurance Limited anticipates that, with collective efforts, it can play a significant role in supporting the reconstruction of the earthquake-affected areas in West Nepal.


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