‘Hostel 3’ to Feature Internet Sensation ‘Cool Boyyy’ in Key Role

Renowned as ‘Cool Boyyy’ on TikTok, Paras Bam Thakuri is poised to make his silver screen debut in the upcoming film ‘Hostel 3’.

Director Sashan Kandel has confirmed Bam’s pivotal role, marking his transition from digital content creation to mainstream cinema.

Following in the footsteps of past successes in the ‘Hostel’ franchise, the third installment promises to delve into the lives of teenagers navigating hostel life and the challenges that lie ahead.

Director Kandel expressed confidence in Bam’s suitability for the role, emphasizing the alignment between his character and the script’s vision. The film is slated for release later this year, building anticipation among audiences eager to witness the latest addition to Nepal’s cinematic landscape.


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