Indian Embassy Hosts Yoga Event at Pashupatinath Temple for Yoga Day 2024

The Embassy of India in Kathmandu organized a Yoga demonstration today at the revered Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal to create greater awareness about Yoga and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the upcoming International Day of Yoga.

In line with this year’s theme of ‘yoga for women empowerment’, the Embassy also organized a lecture-cum-demonstration on the health benefits of Yoga for girls and women associated with Maiti Nepal. This initiative aims to highlight the positive impact of Yoga on women’s health and well-being, fostering empowerment through physical and mental wellness.

The demonstration at Pashupatinath Temple drew participants from various walks of life, showcasing Yoga’s universal appeal and benefits. The serene and spiritual ambiance of the temple provided a perfect backdrop for the event, emphasizing the deep-rooted cultural connections between India and Nepal.

The lecture-cum-demonstration for Maiti Nepal, a renowned organization working for the rights and welfare of women and children, focused on practical Yoga techniques and their specific benefits for women’s health. Participants learned about Yoga’s role in reducing stress, improving physical health, and enhancing mental clarity, all crucial for empowerment and personal growth.

This year marks a significant milestone as the world prepares to celebrate the 10th International Day of Yoga. The Embassy of India in Kathmandu’s activities underscore the global recognition of Yoga as a powerful tool for health and wellness, transcending borders and cultural barriers.

Through these initiatives, the Embassy aims to promote the holistic benefits of Yoga, encourage its practice among women, and strengthen the cultural ties between India and Nepal.


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