Is Kathmandu Mayor Secretly Pleased with TikTok Ban?

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balendra Shah ‘Balen’, has offered a nuanced perspective on the government’s recent decision to shut down TikTok in Nepal. While acknowledging the presence of distortions and inconsistencies on the platform, Balen has subtly hinted at his contentment with the government’s move.

In a statement made on Monday, Mayor Balendra expressed his view that outrightly closing TikTok might not be the most appropriate solution, despite recognizing the challenges posed by the platform to social harmony and family unity. Interestingly, in a roundabout way, he appears to convey a sense of happiness or approval regarding the government’s decisive action.

Mayor Balen has proposed an alternative approach, advising the government to consider bringing TikTok under the purview of taxation. Additionally, he recommends establishing a mechanism to address individuals who disrupt social harmony through the platform. It seems that Balen envisions a regulated environment for TikTok, advocating for responsible use rather than a complete ban.

In a hopeful tone, Balendra Shah anticipates the possibility of TikTok being operational again in a more dignified manner, showcasing his optimism for a balanced and controlled presence of the popular social media platform in Nepal.


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