Israel Presents BP Koirala’s Rare Speech to President Poudel

Israel has presented President Ram Chandra Poudel with a rare speech delivered by the late BP Koirala, Nepal’s first elected Prime Minister, during his visit to Israel. The momentous occasion took place at the Office of the President, with Israeli Ambassador to Nepal Hanan Goder Goldberger handing over the historic speech to President Poudel on Tuesday.

Diplomatic relations between Nepal and Israel were initially established in 1960 during BP Koirala’s tenure as the Prime Minister of Nepal, marking a pivotal moment in their bilateral ties. The delivered speech holds immense historical value, as it was given by Koirala during his visit to Israel as the Chief Guest at the International Conference on Science in the Advancement of New States on August 15, 1960.

During the presentation of the speech, Ambassador Goder expressed his joy at sharing this significant piece of history with President Poudel, a dedicated follower of BP Koirala. President Poudel, in turn, conveyed his gratitude to Ambassador Goder for the historical gift. He also expressed his happiness regarding the ongoing support provided by the Israeli government to Nepal, particularly in areas such as employment, agriculture, and cooperatives.


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