Jamkattel Secures Third Vote of Confidence in 15 Months

Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkattel of Bagmati Province received a resounding vote of confidence from the Provincial Assembly on Monday. Among the 110 provincial assembly members, 56 cast their votes in favor of Chief Minister Jamkattel, reaffirming their trust in his leadership.

During yesterday’s assembly meeting, attended by 108 members, Chief Minister Jamkattel garnered support from various political factions, including CPN (UML), CPN (Maoist Centre), and CPN (Unified Socialist). Notably, a member of Hamro Nepali Party also sided with Jamkattel, further bolstering his position.

However, opposition was voiced by Nepali Congress, who voted against Chief Minister Jamkattel. Meanwhile, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) and Nepal Workers Peasants Party opted for neutrality in the voting process.

The RPP, comprising 12 provincial assembly members, excluding the Province Assembly Speaker, and the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party with three lawmakers, refrained from aligning with either side. Additionally, one member of the Hamro Nepali Party abstained from the meeting.

This marks the third successful vote of confidence for Chief Minister Jamkattel, highlighting his ability to navigate the intricate political landscape of Bagmati Province and maintain the support of a diverse range of stakeholders.


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