Key Hearing in Fake Refugee Case Postponed

The highly anticipated hearing at the Patan High Court on the writ petition filed by the accused in the fake refugee case, seeking their release, has been postponed. The case has garnered significant public attention and legal scrutiny since the accused were initially remanded in custody by the Kathmandu District Court for trial.

The accused individuals had appealed to the Patan High Court to have this order overturned, sparking a legal battle that has gripped the nation. Simultaneously, the public prosecutor’s office filed a petition requesting the continued detention of the accused and urged that the case proceed without delay.

The case was originally scheduled to be heard at the bench of Judges Murari Babu Shrestha and Krishna Ram Koirala. However, the abrupt postponement has left many wondering about the reasons behind this decision.

Speculation is mounting as to the motives behind this delay, with some suggesting potential legal complexities or new evidence emerging in the case. The accused and the prosecution, as well as the public, now await further developments in this high-profile legal saga.


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