Monarchy Debate Pointless, Says Milan Pandey

In the midst of escalating political tensions in Nepal, Milan Pandey, the Vice Chairperson of Bibeksheel-Sajha Party, has weighed in on the growing debate surrounding monarchy.

The country is currently gripped by unrest, with Durga Prasai, a controversial figure with a history of financial issues and grievances against the UML, fueling discontent through his upcoming mass demonstration in Kathmandu on November 23.

Simultaneously, concerns are rising over the planned visit of former king Gyanendra Shah to Jhapa on November 25, as mainstream parties, including Nepali Congress and CPN (UML), worry about potential disruptions that could be exploited by those dissatisfied with the political system.

Amid this turmoil, Milan Pandey took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his perspective, stating, “The issue of ‘monarchy’ is nothing but the ‘ultimate’ weapon to save some people’s politics. The republic is not threatened by anyone. Coming to 2080, this debate is pointless.”


Pandey’s statement reflects a dismissive attitude towards the ongoing monarchy debate, emphasizing that the real threat to Nepal’s political stability lies elsewhere.


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