Monarchy Mix-Up: Lingden vs. Prasai Showdown

In a riveting clash within the Nepalese political arena, the unfolding drama between controversial medical practitioner Durga Prasai and the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) is casting a shadow over the country’s political future.

The RPP, an advocate for the reinstatement of the monarchy, is grappling with internal discord as concerns rise over the potential influence of Durga Prasai on former king Gyanendra Shah. The central worry is not only about Prasai’s apparent alliance with the ex-monarch but also the looming possibility of sidelining the RPP from the political narrative.

RPP Chairman Rajendra Lingden’s recent meeting with Gyanendra Shah has injected fresh intensity into an already turbulent political landscape. In a pre-Tihar festival rendezvous, Lingden assured the former king of the party’s unwavering support for his activities.

Sources reveal that during a meeting at Nirmal Niwas, Lingden strategized the former king’s visit to Jhapa on November 25. Lingden’s commitment to Gyanendra Shah aims to consolidate the RPP’s position amid the ongoing political maelstrom.

However, Lingden and the RPP are not the only players in the royalist drama. Durga Prasai, a polarizing figure in Nepalese politics, has been making waves with his unconventional tactics.

With millions in unpaid loans from various banks, Prasai has positioned himself against mainstream political parties like Nepali Congress, CPN (UML), and CPN (Maoist Center). His actions are fueled by a desire to exploit public disillusionment with existing political structures and evade financial obligations.

Prasai’s animosity towards UML and its Chairman KP Sharma Oli stems from the denial of a party ticket in the last general election. Despite Oli’s initial assurances, alliances left Prasai without a ticket, leading to his departure from UML.

Prasai’s involvement in the ‘Mahaabhiyan’ campaign, launched on February 13, 2022, saw the former king, Gyanendra Shah, as the chief guest. This association raised eyebrows, hinting at a potential collaboration between Prasai and the ex-monarch.

As the former king plans to unveil a monument in Jhapa on November 25, Prasai is gearing up for a mass demonstration in Kathmandu on November 23. The convergence of these events has sparked speculation about the nature of their association.

While royalists lend their support to Prasai, claiming it aligns with their objectives, RPP leaders assert that the former king’s visit to Jhapa was coordinated in consultation with Chairman Lingden. The RPP aims to ensure the success of Gyanendra Shah’s visit, emphasizing its alignment with the party’s agenda.

As the political landscape becomes increasingly convoluted, the central question persists: Will Gyanendra Shah throw his support behind Lingden and the RPP, or will Prasai succeed in swaying the former king to his advantage? The unfolding events in the coming weeks are sure to shape the future trajectory of Nepalese politics in this Monarchy Mix-Up.


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