Namrata Sapkota: Yoga, Bikinis, and a Radiant Transformation

Namrata Sapkota, renowned model and actress, has embraced a new role as a certified yoga teacher, marking a significant expansion of her professional horizons.

The journey began with Namrata’s decision to pursue yoga teacher certification at the esteemed Sivananda Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerala. Following the completion of her training, she embarked on a week-long rejuvenation retreat in the picturesque landscapes of  India.

Namrata’s time in India has left an indelible mark on her, evident in the transformation of her speaking and thinking style upon her return to Nepal. No longer just a heroine on screen, Namrata now views life through the prism of meditation and yoga.

Despite her deepening involvement in the world of yoga, Namrata’s passion for acting remains steadfast. Her social media has been a canvas for sharing captivating photos from India, providing glimpses into her dual life as an actress and a yoga enthusiast.

A recent Instagram and Facebook post by Namrata has set social media abuzz. In a bold move, she shared a photo of herself in a bikini during her time in India. While it’s not uncommon for actresses to embrace beachwear during trips abroad, Namrata’s post has elicited a mix of praise and criticism in the comments section.



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The caption accompanying the photo reads, “Each breath is a gift. Spend it doing what makes you smile. #namratasapkota #freesoul.” Comments poured in, ranging from expressions of admiration for her radiant persona to critiques questioning the cultural appropriateness of her choice.

Some comments include expressions like “Persist in radiance,” “Maintain a joyful demeanor,” “Sexy boo,” “Hot,” “So beautiful mam,” “Nepali kangana,” “hot n sexy,” and “National crush of Nepal,” among many others.

One negative comment stood out, stating, “Stop Spreading #Nudity Western culture! This isn’t our culture. Being a national actress, you have so many responsibilities; portraying this kind of nudity is not good.”

Namrata’s Instagram story also revealed another facet of her life as she initiated an “ask me a question” session. Among the inquiries, one asked about her marriage plans, to which Namrata responded with a cryptic “soon.”

As Namrata Sapkota navigates the challenges in her film career, her commitment to personal growth and well-being reflects a newfound resilience and inner strength. The Bikini Avatar of the Hot Yoga Teacher may just be the beginning of a transformative chapter in her journey of self-discovery.


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