Nembang’s demise causes irreparable loss to Nepal’s communist and democratic movements

The Central Disciplinary Commission of the CPN (UML) has said demise of Subas Chandra Nembang, chairperson of the Constituent Assembly and party vice chairperson, has caused irreparable loss to Nepal’s communist and democratic movements.

Nembang was a facilitator of consensus in the national politics, said the Commission chairperson Keshab Badal in a condolence message.

Nembang, a leader of the constitution-making, was a simple, soft-spoken, graceful, creator of national consensus and senior politician, who created a public image that did not harm anyone, has been remembered for his special ability to coordinate with various political parties and groups.

“Nembang has played memorable role in seeking a way out of problems while easily dealing with any difficult and stressful situations,” read the message, adding, “Untimely demise of Nembang, who stood firm in the campaign for the socio-economic transformation of Nepal, has caused a loss to his family, party and the country as a whole. We commit to get inspired by his good qualities while highly evaluating contributions he made to the welfare of the state and the people.”


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