NOC Maintains Diesel Prices Unchanged Despite Lower Purchase Expenses

The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has decided against reducing the price of diesel, despite procuring it at a rate Rs 7 lower from the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). The revised rates for various petroleum products were conveyed by the IOC on November 15, indicating reductions in the prices of petrol, kerosene, and aviation fuel.

Reports suggest that despite the overall decrease in fuel prices, NOC has chosen to maintain the current diesel prices, sparking discontent among consumers. The decision has led to a partial shortage of fuel in several areas, including Kailali, Pokhara, Dhading, Nuwakot, and others.

Upon learning about the potential price reduction, petrol pumps have refrained from purchasing and selling small quantities of diesel, anticipating an imminent adjustment by the NOC. As a consequence, consumers in affected regions are facing elevated fuel prices, with the absence of a price adjustment exacerbating the situation.

The move by the NOC has raised eyebrows, prompting questions about the reasons behind their decision not to pass on the reduced procurement cost to consumers. Authorities are being urged to intervene and address the concerns of both consumers and petrol pump owners, seeking transparency and fair pricing in the fuel market.


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