PM Dahal to Lead 24-Member Team at United Nations General Assembly

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda is gearing up to lead a 24-member delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in the United States. His visit is scheduled for September 16, where he will participate in the 78th session of the General Assembly and deliver an address on September 21.

The delegation accompanying Prime Minister Dahal will include key figures such as Haribol Gajurel, Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister, personal secretaries Ganga Dahal and Ramesh Malla, Press Advisor Govinda Acharya, personal photographer Pradipraj Onta, personal videographer Navaraj Dahal, private doctor Dr. Yuvraj Sharma, and three security personnel. Chief Secretary Baikuntha Aryal and Prime Minister’s Security Adviser Shankardas Bairagi will also be part of the delegation.

Foreign Minister NP Saud, his private secretary Deepak Joshi, Foreign Secretary Bharatraj Paudyal, Joint Secretary Sewa Lamsal, and other representatives are included in this important diplomatic mission.

While in New York, Prime Minister Dahal’s schedule is packed with engagements, including participation in the Sustainable Development Goals Conference, the Climate Ambition Summit, and other significant agendas. Notably, he will also attend a dinner hosted by US President Joe Biden.

Foreign Minister Saud emphasized that Prime Minister Dahal’s visit will feature high-level programs and discussions on important global issues, reinforcing Nepal’s commitment to global development and climate action.


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