Police Misrepresent Facts: Rupesh’s Family Denies ‘Love Affair’ as Motive for Murder

In the tragic case of Rupesh Saraf’s murder in Kalaiya, the family of the deceased has come forward to challenge the official police narrative, casting doubt on the integrity of the ongoing murder investigation.

After a press conference held by the Bara police on Wednesday, where they identified five individuals involved in Rupesh’s murder, the brothers of the late Rupesh organized a press conference of their own, vehemently denying the claims made by law enforcement. This divergence in accounts has left the community puzzled and concerned about the direction of the investigation.

Bara Superintendent of Police, Suresh Kafle, had earlier asserted that Rupesh’s murder was connected to a purported romantic relationship he had with a young woman named Radha Gupta. However, Subodh Saraf, Rupesh’s brother, released a statement disputing this assertion, insisting that the police’s portrayal of his brother’s murder as a result of a love affair was entirely false.

Subodh went on to declare that Rupesh had no romantic involvement with Radha Gupta, who the police had named as the primary mastermind behind the murder. He expressed deep dissatisfaction with the police investigation and argued that the baseless insinuations about his brother’s character and the family’s reputation were obstructing the progress of the case.

Furthermore, Subodh revealed that none of the four individuals believed to be responsible for Rupesh’s tragic shooting had been apprehended, sparking suspicions of a potential cover-up by the police. He also stated that two of the individuals arrested by the police were innocent and accused the authorities of framing them on unfounded charges.

Subodh, who also serves as the Managing Director of Bal Ekta Secondary School, disclosed that Radha Gupta, the 22-year-old Kalaiya resident identified by the police as the central figure behind the murder, had been expelled from the school seven months ago due to her inappropriate conduct while working as an accountant. He clarified that during this period, Radha had no association with Rupesh.

These compelling grievances expressed by the family of the deceased have sown seeds of doubt regarding the integrity of the ongoing murder investigation, leaving the community anxiously awaiting further developments in this high-profile case.


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