Presidential candidate Poudel writes to Federal MPs, Province Assembly Members

Presidential candidate Ram Chandra Poudel, who is backed by an eight-party alliance including the Nepali Congress and CPN (Maoist Centre), has written letters to all the federal parliamentarians and Province Assembly Members seeking their votes.

Poudel has written to the MPs and Province Assembly Members by appealing to them to cast their vote for him in the presidential election scheduled for March 9.

In his letter, Poudel has explained about his long struggles for the cause of democracy in the country and his clean political image.

Similarly, Poudel has shared that his goal was to institutionalize the federal democratic republic and inclusive democracy by considering the issues of human rights, freedom, sustainable development, economic and social justice, and the prosperity of Nepali citizens.

Furthermore, Poudel, who is also the former Speaker, has said that he believes in making Nepal’s own model of development based on its characteristics and has shared about his concerns to the creation of employment and income generation in the village itself amid the situation of out-migration and brain drain from the country.

In his letter, Poudel has appealed to all saying that the essence of socialism could be a common principle to all without engaging into the political and ideological conflict.

Poudel has stated that he has firm belief on stability and good governance.


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