Prime Minister Prachanda Emphasizes the Cultural Significance of Festivals

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ highlighted the crucial role of festivals, including Tihar, in shaping the ideological, political, economic, and cultural foundations of socialism. In a heartfelt message on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, one of the major festivals celebrated by Nepalis, PM Dahal extended warm wishes to all Nepali sisters and brothers within the country and abroad.

PM Dahal expressed his belief that festivals, especially Tihar, contribute significantly to protecting and strengthening the political system that has undergone significant changes. He noted that the federal democratic republic, achieved through substantial struggles and sacrifices, provides a broad platform to uphold the country’s independence and dignity by reinforcing internal nationality.

“Festivals, including Tihar, serve as a crucial context reflecting Nepal’s unique identity. This celebration fosters family reunions, social harmony, unity, and national strength. It enhances the understanding of the vital roles played by birds and animals in production, labor, information, and acting as social sentinels, emphasizing their interaction with humans,” observed PM Dahal.

Cultural activities such as Deusi Bhailo, a traditional form of singing and dancing during festivals, contribute significantly to creating an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm while promoting cultural values, according to the Prime Minister.

Highlighting Nepal’s status as a convergence point for diverse ethnicities, languages, cultures, and abundant natural resources, PM Dahal emphasized that the country’s various traditions, cultures, and festivals serve as common assets and a vital foundation for uniting the nation culturally and emotionally.

“The national festivals celebrated by diverse castes, indigenous nationalities, and communities are rooted in natural heritage and historical significance. These festivals embody ideals such as respect for labor, social cohesion, friendship, social coexistence, collaboration during life challenges, and overcoming adversities through unity,” stated Prime Minister Dahal in his festive message.


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