Proposed CJ Karki presents action plan, stresses on ‘justice for all’

Harikrishna Karki who has been proposed to be appointed the Chief Justice presented his action plan in a meeting of the Parliamentary Hearing Committee today.

Karki, currently serving as the Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, said that if he was appointed the Chief Justice, his primary responsibilities would be to provide fair, prompt, and quality services based on the Constitution, laws, and principles of the judiciary. As he said, he would be determined to ensure ‘justice for all’ during his term as the CJ.

The programme scheduled for today to question him and receive his replies has been rescheduled for 8:00 am on Friday. The rescheduling of the hearing was warranted by today’s House session. On Wednesday, the Committee conducted discussions with the complainants regarding the recommendation of Karki’s appointment as Chief Justice.

He was on May 8 recommended by the Constitutional Council to be appointed the CJ. A total of 29 complaints challenging his appointment as the CJ was registered by 38 complainants.


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