Shrinkhala Khatiwada Joins Zero-Toxicity Social Media Platform Wildr as Advisor and Ambassador

Renowned former Miss Nepal, model, entrepreneur, and Harvard alum, Shrinkhala Khatiwada, has officially become a high-profile advisor and ambassador for the zero-toxicity social media app, Wildr. The announcement was made by Wildr, emphasizing Khatiwada’s role as a key advisor and ambassador for the platform.

In a personal statement, Shrinkhala Khatiwada shared her perspective on joining Wildr and expressed her commitment to fostering a more positive and respectful online environment. She reflected on her journey from winning the Miss Nepal competition in 2018 to the challenges she faced dealing with online hate, trolls, and negative narratives affecting her mental health.

Khatiwada highlighted her initial enjoyment of using online platforms to advocate for causes she was passionate about and engage in social and political discourse. However, as her public profile grew, she experienced the darker side of social media, where personal choices were scrutinized, leading to public hate and trolling. This shift prompted her to reassess the impact of fame on her well-being and view social media as a less safe space.

During her time at Harvard, where she pursued her graduate degree in 2021, Khatiwada contemplated the flaws in existing social media platforms. She recognized the need for a platform that prioritized user well-being over engagement metrics. Upon discovering Wildr, she was drawn to its mission of providing a non-toxic, troll-free social media experience.

In her statement, Khatiwada described Wildr as more than just a social media app; it embodies a mission to redefine the digital space. She sees Wildr as a platform for kind and respectful conversations, even amid disagreements, where users can connect meaningfully and contribute to positive change.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada can be found on Wildr with the username ‘shrinkhala,’ where she plans to share regular updates and contribute to shaping a more compassionate and respectful online community.

Wildr, headquartered in San Francisco, positions itself as the world’s first zero-toxicity social media app. The platform utilizes advanced AI filters to eliminate trolling, toxicity, and abuse, fostering a healthier online environment. The company is led by a team of serial entrepreneurs and alumni from prestigious institutions such as Google, Harvard, and PayPal.


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