Singha Durbar to have high-capacity charging stations

High-capacity charging stations for electric vehicles are to be built at the country’s main administrative hub, Singha Durbar.

The country’s major administrative centre has charging stations, but not of high capacity.

The government decides to set up five charging stations of 30 kilowatts of capacity each and the ‘Energy Development Decade Action Plan Project’ under the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation is to undertake the project.

According to Project senior divisional engineer Shalikram Bhandari, the charging stations will be around the Ministry area.

Similarly, the construction of charging stations undertaken by the Nepal Electricity Authority have neared the final phase. As the NEA said, it has built 51 e-vehicle charging stations: 12 are operational and 32 have been installed.

Through an announcement of a bid today, the Ministry has urged interested private or public organizations for the application to implement the project.


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