Snow Leopards Kill 82 Himalayan Goats, Leaving Farmers in Mustang District Devastated

Mustang, Nov 11: A devastating incident unfolded in Dhakmar of Lodhekar Damodarkunda Rural Municipality-2 in Mustang district, as four snow leopards attacked a makeshift enclosure housing dozens of Himalayan goats owned by local resident Migmar Gurung. The attack occurred on Friday night, resulting in the death of 82 goats and leaving eight others critically injured.

Ward member Chhawattar Gurug reported that the leopards easily entered the pen, which was constructed with walls and wires, causing havoc among the livestock. The loss is estimated to be more than Rs 3 million, with the leopards reportedly sucking the blood of the Himalayan goats, some of which were left with only innards.

Tragically, the injured goats succumbed to their injuries, compounding the devastation caused by the snow leopards. This incident is considered the most significant scourge caused by snow leopards in Mustang, according to local farmers.

In response to the crisis, a team comprising Raju Bista, Chairman of Loghekar Damodarkunda Rural Municipality, representatives from the Annapurna Conservation Area Office in Lomangthang, and police personnel from Charang Police Office visited the site to assess the situation.

The snow leopard is an endangered species in Nepal, and there is no precise data available on their population in Mustang. Local resident Chhiring Gurung highlighted that the den in the rock of Dhakma village serves as the habitat for snow leopards, underscoring the need for conservation efforts to mitigate conflicts between these endangered animals and local communities.


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