Surge of Coronavirus cases- 142 cases recorded on Friday alone

The number of coronavirus infections has increased on Friday too.

The Ministry of Health and Population shared that it recorded a total 142 new cases of infection out of the tests conducted among 1,079.

On March 30, the number of infections was 42 while on March 29, it was 34; on March 28, it was 24; and on March 27, it was 69.

With the rise in the number of coronavirus infections, the number of active infection cases has also increased, thereby reaching 163.

Director at Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, Dr Chuman Lal Das, said as the coronavirus infection was increasing in India, it had a direct impact in Nepal- all because of the open border. The infected people have entered Nepal which contributed to the coronavirus surge in Nepal too, he added.

The Ministry has directed one and all to take booster doses for the prevention and control of the coronavirus. The campaign of booster dose is underway in the Kathmandu Valley now.


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