There is no ‘bottom line’ for Maoist Centre’s leading government: Dahal

CHITWAN: CPN-Maoist Center chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that his party has not proposed for any ‘bottom line’ with regards to his party’s leading the government.

Addressing a news conference organized by Press Center Nepal, Chitwan Chapter in Bharatpur on Monday, the Maoist Center Chairman reiterated that his party was for moving ahead through consensus and understanding as regards the government formation and there was no so-called ‘bottom line’ demanded by the party on this.

“If the offer for heading the next government comes our way through an understanding among the parties, it is acceptable. It might also be otherwise through an understanding,” he said.

Stating that there was no any written or formal understanding on this among the coalition before this, the Maoist Center Chair said,” It was said while forming the coalition to lead the government turn by turn and this understanding stands now as well.”

Former Prime Minister Dahal further said that the seat-sharing among the parties in connection to the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker should be immediately finalized in a package as per the understanding.

He added that the Prime Minister would be from within the coalition partners and the coalition would hold a meeting and finalize this matter.

Reiterating that the Maoist Center is very much with the coalition, he said, “I have never put everything on stake for the post of Prime Minister. I have only talked of shouldering the responsibility if an opportunity came from the coalition for taking the country’s leadership.”

There is no talk, as you have heard, within the coalition, the Maoist Center top leader said, adding that discussions are underway amongst all parties after the elections. He however clarified that he has not ‘involved himself in the race for Prime Minister’. “If the responsibility for this comes, I will take it up.”

Chair Dahal said that there is no situation for appointing an apolitical individual as the President and this topic has not been discussed within the coalition or the political parties any side. According to him, this was also not possible at present.

Stating that all were having discussions with other parties, including the CPN (UML), he said discussions are also on with the new parties as well. Leader Dahal disclosed that talks have been held with the Chairperson of the Rastriya Swatantra Party two or three times. He added that he has also met with CK Raut and Resham Chaudhary.

Regarding the possibility of party unification with the UML, the Maoist Center Chair said talks have not been held on this topic as have circulated in media. “No formal and official talks have been held.”

Commenting on the topic of the ordinance brought by the government, he said only the political agreements and understandings reached before this have been addressed through the ordinance.

“The government has only tried to address the understandings the State had reached in the past with the Madhes-centric parties, the CPN led by Biplav and the Tharu Welfare Assembly. This is a normal process,” he clarified.

Making an assessment of the party’s standing in the election, the Maoist Center Chair said that compared to the 2017 elections, the Maoist Centre has garnered more votes in the local level in this election, and votes that the party secured in the provinces is at a par with the votes it secured in the past.

He added that although the number of votes for his party has somewhat decreased towards the proportional representation electoral system, it was in less proportion compared to that of the UML and Nepali Congress.

Stating the number of votes garnered by the party in the federal level is less than expectation, Chair Dahal said this is being evaluated by the party. “We have concluded that this assessment has given us an opportunity to further make the party stronger. It is being said the Maoist Center has become very weak after the election. This is not true.”


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