Three More Lives Claimed by Cold in Jajarkot Following Recent Earthquake

In the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Jajarkot on November 3, three more individuals succumbed to the harsh cold weather, marking a tragic turn in the ongoing crisis. All three victims were residing in temporary tents after their homes were damaged during the earthquake.

The deceased individuals have been identified as Sugili Nepali, 89, from Luhadaha village in Junichande Rural Municipality-4; Dume Pun, 70, from Ramidanda of Barekot Rural Municipality; and Mansari Kami, 56, from Thanwada in Chhedagad Municipality-13.

Local authorities reported that these casualties resulted from the severe cold conditions prevailing in the area. Last week, four people had already lost their lives due to the cold spell in Nalgadh, Bheri, and Barekot regions of Jajarkot. With these recent deaths, the toll has risen to seven in just one week.

Bir Bahadur Giri, Chairman of Barekot Rural Municipality, revealed that Dume Pun, one of the victims, had also been grappling with asthma. Similarly, Mansari Kami was suffering from asthma, as stated by Chandra Thapa, Deputy Mayor of Chhedagad Municipality.

The vulnerable population, including children, pregnant women, senior citizens, and individuals with chronic illnesses, are particularly at risk due to their temporary shelter arrangements following the earthquake. The local authorities are working to address the challenges posed by the cold weather and ensure the well-being of those affected by providing necessary support and assistance.


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