Tragedy Strikes as Two Earthquake Victims Succumb to Cold

In a devastating turn of events, two individuals have lost their lives in the earthquake-affected area due to inadequate government management, leading to harsh conditions. The victims, 84-year-old Gopal Bahadur Rawal of Churidara in Nalgad Municipality-4 Lahan and 48-year-old Pamfa Rawal of the same ward, passed away under the extreme cold.

Gopal Bahadur Rawal, who suffered from asthma, succumbed to the harsh conditions on Friday, while Pamfa Rawal lost her life due to pneumonia on Thursday night. Ward President Badri Pant revealed that Gopal Bahadur, being an elderly man, had to spend the night in challenging conditions with only minimal clothing, leading to his demise. Lahan village, situated approximately 1,500 meters above sea level, experiences severe cold weather, especially from the month of Asoj.

Ward President Pant expressed concern about the dire situation in Lahan and criticized the lack of adequate government support. He highlighted the difficulties faced by the elderly and vulnerable residents, emphasizing the urgent need for intervention to prevent further loss of life.

Local leader Prem Bahadur Rawal, a relative of the deceased Gopal Bahadur, disclosed that Gopal’s four sons were away in India for work, leaving him vulnerable to the harsh conditions. Pamfa, a local Maoist leader, was actively involved in relief and rescue operations following the earthquake. Her dedication to helping others led to her deteriorating health, ultimately resulting in pneumonia due to hunger and exposure to cold temperatures.

The tragic deaths of Gopal Bahadur Rawal and Pamfa Rawal underscore the critical need for swift and effective government response to address the challenges faced by vulnerable populations in earthquake-affected regions. As winter approaches, urgent measures are required to ensure the well-being and survival of those grappling with the aftermath of the earthquake.


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