Vikram Misri Appointed Next Foreign Secretary of India: A China Expert

Vikram Misri, a seasoned diplomat with extensive experience in Chinese affairs, has been appointed as India’s next foreign secretary. The announcement was made on Friday through an official notification.

Misri, a 1989 Indian Foreign Service (IFS) batch officer, is currently serving as the Deputy National Security Adviser. He will take over from Vinay Kwatra on July 15, following Kwatra’s extended term, which ends on July 14.

Misri is recognized for his expertise in China, a critical area for India’s foreign policy. During his tenure as Ambassador to Beijing (2019-2021), he managed crucial diplomatic engagements amid the military standoff in Ladakh’s Line of Actual Control (LAC) in May 2020. His role was pivotal during the Galwan Valley clash in June 2020, which resulted in casualties on both sides.

Beyond his China role, Misri has also served as India’s Ambassador to Spain (2014-2016) and Myanmar (2016-2018).

Notably, Misri has been the private secretary to three Indian Prime Ministers: I.K. Gujral (1997-1998), Manmohan Singh (2012-2014), and Narendra Modi (May-July 2014).

With his extensive background in diplomacy and deep understanding of China, Misri is expected to navigate India’s foreign policy challenges adeptly. As he steps into his new role, his experience and strategic insights are anticipated to bolster India’s diplomatic engagements on the global stage.


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