Villages in Taplejung shrouded by darkness after 7 micro hydro power stations swept away

Two villages in Taplejung district remain in darkness since last Friday after the seven micro hydro power stations were swept away by rain-triggered floods and landslide.

Residents residing in Maiwakhola Rural Municipality and Yamphudin village have been compelled to live in darkness after the disasters destructed the infrastructures of the micro hydro power stations.

A total of five hydro power stations at ward no 3 and 4 in Maiwakhola rural municipality have been rendered defunct since floods and landslide swept them away, said chairperson of Maiwakhola rural municipality, Bijay Prakash Banem.

The power generation capacity of these micro hydro power stations ranged from 19 kilowatt to 64 kilowatt. Maangmaya 1 and Maangmaya 2, Thadekhola, Lodamba and Yamphewa micro hydro power stations were completely damaged, shared chairperson Banem.

Similarly, power stations generating electricity from the Tumya Khola (River) and Kabeli Khola (River) in Sirijunga rural municipality in the district were also swept by the disaster affecting 170 households in the village, divulged Krishna Gurung, ward no 8 chairperson of Sirijunga rural municipality.

Communication services in the disaster-hit areas have been adversely affected in prolonged absence of electricity, said ward chairperson Gurung.


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