‘Yoga Originated in Nepal, Nepal Celebrated Yoga Day Long Before Others’

CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has made a statement claiming that yoga originated in Nepal.

Speaking on the occasion of the 9th International Yoga Day at the UML party office on Wednesday, Chairman mentioned that Nepal began celebrating Yoga Day 35 to 36 years ago, making it the first country to initiate such celebrations.

Chairman Oli attributed Nepal’s initiation of Yoga Day to the country’s possession of the genetic memory of ancient sages.

According to him, this memory rejuvenates and revitalizes the Nepalese people. He expressed his gratitude to those who were instrumental in starting the celebration, emphasizing that while others may be familiar with yoga, its revival and renaissance originated from Nepal.

Chairman Oli also stressed that yoga will continue to be pursued with a systematic purpose and principle.

Quoting Chairman Oli, he said, “Why did Nepal initiate the celebration of Yoga Day for the first time in the world? Others had not celebrated it. We possess the genetic memory of the ancient sages. That memory is with us. That memory keeps us rejuvenated. That’s why. Although others have heard of yoga, the revival and renaissance came from Nepal. Yoga will remain a systematic purpose and principle.”


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