ActionAid Nepal Calls on Speaker for Climate Action

In a resounding call to action, ActionAid International Nepal (AAIN) has taken the bold step of addressing the urgent issue of climate change and climate justice by delivering a compelling letter of attention to Nepali lawmakers. A dedicated team from AAIN, comprising key members and dynamic youth leaders, met with Honorable Speaker Dev Raj Ghimire and placed the letter of attention on the pigeonhole of Member of Parliaments.

Climate change represents an existential threat with far-reaching consequences that transcend boundaries, touching upon social, economic, political, and cultural aspects. AAIN has embarked on its ‘Climate Justice Campaign’ as a response to this global challenge. The campaign, initiated on June 5 during World Environment Day, has sparked a groundswell of support, particularly among youth, women, and children, through a week-long series of events in Kathmandu and neighboring regions. Its primary goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the intricate connections between climate change, its repercussions, and the injustices it perpetuates.

On September 4, ActionAid Federation, a presence in over 72 countries, officially launched the ‘Climate Justice Campaign’ on a global scale, with AAIN playing a central role in coordinating activities within Nepal. The campaign’s main objective is to mobilize the energy and passion of youth, women, and children to raise public awareness about the pressing need for climate justice.

Nepal, situated in a geographically vulnerable location, faces severe climate change impacts that jeopardize people’s livelihoods and adaptive capabilities across multiple sectors. These impacts are manifested in the form of floods, landslides, droughts, and are expected to increase in frequency.

Despite being responsible for a minimal 0.025 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, Nepal has demonstrated its commitment to mitigating climate change in alignment with the Paris Agreement. The nation has developed a long-term strategy to achieve sustainable emission reductions and aims to attain net-zero emissions by 2045, actively participating in international climate change initiatives.

However, AAIN emphasizes that climate justice has not received the necessary attention in practice, with Nepal’s annual budget allocating insufficient resources to combat climate change. AAIN now calls upon elected parliamentarians to take proactive measures in addressing the adverse impacts of climate change through policy changes, appropriate budget allocation, and active monitoring of government targets.

ActionAid International Nepal anticipates the following actions from lawmakers:

– Seek Grants, Not Loans: AAIN calls for grants, not loans, to address climate change problems, advocating to prevent a mounting debt burden that could harm the country’s economy.

-Dedicated Climate Diplomacy Mechanism: Establish a dedicated climate diplomacy mechanism within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enhance collaboration with the international community on climate change issues.

-Transparency in Climate Finance: Form a parliamentary working group to gather precise data on funds received under climate finance and improve transparency in their utilization.

-Support for Vulnerable Groups: Advocate for climate justice for impoverished and marginalized individuals, women, and small-holders farmers, including the creation of a fund for compensation for climate-induced disasters.

-Development of a National Climate Plan: Initiate the development of a national plan specifically focused on climate change, prioritizing areas directly impacted by climate change.

In response to these calls, Honorable Speaker Dev Raj Ghimire expressed his commitment to addressing climate-related challenges and mitigation as one of his top priorities. He reaffirmed his dedication to pushing for progress in the realm of climate-friendly policy formulation and the monitoring of climate-led initiatives. He extended his full support and good wishes to the Climate Justice Campaign.

ActionAid’s ‘Climate Justice Campaign’ is being spearheaded by those most directly affected by climate change, with the aim of creating a collective response to climate issues. The campaign seeks to mobilize marginalized communities, raise awareness, empower local organizations, and exert pressure on decision-makers to prioritize climate justice.


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