All Four Gates of Pashupatinath Temple to Open at 4 AM Starting June 15

In response to the growing number of pilgrims visiting the Pashupatinath Temple, the Pashupati Area Development Trust has announced that all four gates of the temple will open at 4 AM starting from June 15. This decision aims to provide easier access and a more convenient experience for the devotees.

Rewati Raman Adhikari, spokesperson for the Pashupati Area Development Trust, highlighted the rationale behind this change. “As of now, the main gate is opened at 4 AM while the remaining three gates are only opened at 8:30 AM,” said Adhikari. “From June 15 onwards, all four gates will be opened simultaneously at 4 AM to facilitate the devotees.”

Traditionally, all four gates of the temple are opened at 4 AM only on special occasions such as Mahashivaratri, Haritalika Teej, and Bala Chaturdashi. This new policy marks a significant shift, aiming to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims who visit the temple daily.

The early opening of all gates is expected to alleviate congestion and enhance the overall experience for visitors, allowing more time for worship and ensuring smoother crowd management during peak hours. The Pashupati Area Development Trust is committed to improving the facilities and accessibility for the devotees, and this move is a part of their ongoing efforts.

Devotees and temple staff have welcomed the decision, anticipating a more streamlined and comfortable visit to one of Nepal’s most revered religious sites.


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