Bahrabise Substation Completed, Vital for National Power Grid Connectivity

The construction of the Bahrabise substation has been successfully concluded. This substation, crucial for linking Sindhupalchok and surrounding districts to the national power grid, marks a pivotal achievement in the country’s energy sector.

The substation, equipped with 160 MVA, 132/11kV, and 5 MVA power transformers, boasts a total capacity of 220/132 kV, utilizing advanced Gas Insulated System (GIS) technology. All equipment testing has been completed successfully, setting the stage for enhanced electricity distribution across the region.

Under the stewardship of Chilime Hydropower Company, a subsidiary of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the completion of the substation is set to integrate the upcoming 120-megawatt (MW) Mid-Bhotekosi hydropower project. NEA has confirmed that electricity generated from the Mid-Bhotekosi project will flow through the Bahrabise substation upon its operational commencement.

Despite these strides, challenges persist. During recent tests of the Mid-Bhotekosi project’s infrastructure, a tunnel repair operation is currently underway due to water leakage. NEA Executive Director Kul Man Ghising has affirmed that efforts are underway to complete this repair by the second week of August, ensuring seamless power transmission.

Ghising, who led a high-level delegation overseeing the repair works, underscored the urgency of adhering to timelines amidst ongoing construction. He noted that the Bahrabise substation has so far facilitated the connection of electricity from the Mid-Bhotekosi project to the national grid without incident.

However, delays in the installation of a crucial transmission line segment remain a concern. The project has faced protests from locals in Palanti, Ward No. 3 and 4 of Bahrabise Municipality, hindering progress on the final two kilometres of cable installation.

Efforts are ongoing to resolve these local issues swiftly to ensure uninterrupted connectivity from the Mid-Bhotekosi powerhouse to the Bahrabise substation, thereby bolstering Nepal’s energy capacity and resilience.


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