CAAN directs Shree Airlines to ground all its aircrafts until security check is over

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has directed Shree Airlines to ground the company’s all aircraft until security checks of the engines.

Spokesperson of the CAAN, Jagannath Niraula, said that a decision has been made to allow Shree Airlines to make flights only after a thorough check of the engines.

Niraula said that the aircraft of Shree Airlines would make flights only after the security check from the technicians of the CAAN.

“The planes of Shree Airlines would get permission to fly only after the CAAN’s technicians confirmed the security of the engines. The planes are grounded after the incident of Thursday,” Niraula added.

With the CAAN’s decision, no plane of the Shree Airlines would get permission to fly.

However, the Manager of Shree Airlines Anil Manandhar has argued that the passengers of Shree Airlines suffered today citing delayed notice of the CAAN.

The airlines was scheduled to make 14 flights on Friday, and three of them have already been canceled.

A plane of Shree Airlines en route to Bhairahawa on Thursday was safely landed at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) after a sign of fire in its engine.


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