CEC Thapaliya urges voters to exercise the Right to Vote confidentially

Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya has called on the entire voters to exercise their Right to Vote during the voting of the Elections to the Member of House of Representatives and Province Assembly from 7 am to 5 pm tomorrow November 20.

In his address to a press meeting at the Election Commission today, the CEC said all preparations have been completed for concluding the elections founded on people’s competitive democratic system, people’s sovereignty, civic freedom, people’s fundamental rights, people’s Right to Vote, periodic elections and the federal democratic republic guaranteed by the Constitution in a free, impartial and peaceful atmosphere.

Describing the election as the foundation of the representative ruling system, he said. “By the election, people will get their right to choose their representatives validated and ensured.” He has urged the entire voters to confidently visit the respective polling centres to exercise their franchise.

“The EC is especially attentive towards the implementation of the Silence Period that commenced from 48 hours before the voting day as it aims to ensure the impartiality, credibility, transparency and fairness of the elections,” he added.

According to him, election monitoring teams and employees and security forces deputed in the voting stations are closely monitoring the implementation of the Election Code of Conduct. Likewise, the EC is receiving information from media and social media and responding to them accordingly.

This time, the EC discontinues the provision of receiving permission for vehicles meant for the supplies of essential services and for the movement of media personnel, election observers and monitors.

Directives have been issued to the Chief District Officer concerned and other designated officials to make appropriate arrangements for the systematic operation of transport and vehicular movement as per the criteria approved by the Commission and in a way, the impartiality and independence of the election is not adversely affected.

The government has announced a public holiday throughout the country on November 20 and 21 based on the Commission’s recommendation. The private and non-governmental sectors have also been urged by the Government of Nepal to make the required arrangements for holidays so that the human resources affiliated to these sectors also would be able to easily take part in the voting.

As he said, the required directives have been issued to take action as per the existing laws against those creating obstruction in the works of the polling officers and staff deputed to conduct the voting.

“Legal action would be taken against those people seeking to capture the voting centre, preventing the voters from reaching the polling station and seizing, looting, destroying or capturing the ballot papers, ballot boxes or election materials,” it is stated in the directives. Similarly, directives have been issued for taking action against those people creating or causing others to create an unnecessary scene, crowding, initiating disputes or any other unusual situation, misusing the ballot papers, proxy-voting, casting votes repeatedly and making public the stamp on the ballot paper.

Chief Commissioner Thapaliya has expressed confidence that the positive cooperation and sincere efforts of all stakeholders would be forthcoming as all are committed to creating an enabling environment for mobilizing being directed by one’s faith, principles, ideology and integrity without letting the election become affected by any untoward activities.

The Chief Election Commissioner thanked the political parties, candidates, voters, civic society, media and all stakeholders as they have extended support and participated in the election management, saying this has provided the Commission added energy, enthusiasm and motivation in fulfilling its role. He said the Election Commission expected continued support from all. (RSS)


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