Death toll in Nepal earthquake rises to 157

The death toll from the devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake that jolted western Nepal just before Friday midnight has climbed 157 as of Saturday afternoon. Similarly, 197 people have sustained injuries.

Among the casualties, 105 individuals lost their lives in Jajarkot, while 52 tragically perished in Rukum West. Furthermore, 150 people were injured in Jajarkot, 85 in Rukum West, three each in Dailekh, and Baitadi, and one in Rolpa.

The injured are being airlifted to medical facilities in Nepalgunj, Kathmandu, and other locations via helicopters operated by the Nepali Army to receive urgent medical treatment.

The response to this catastrophe has been swift and coordinated. The Nepali Army, Nepal Police, and the Armed Police Force have united their efforts in search, rescue, and relief operations to support the earthquake victims. Over 1,500 security personnel have been deployed to the affected areas to provide aid and support.

In this time of crisis, the Nepali Army has played a pivotal role, deploying five helicopters and ships to conduct rescue and relief operations in the affected regions. The focus remains on saving lives, providing medical assistance, and helping the affected communities to rebuild and recover.

The earthquake has also taken a toll on the infrastructure and property of Jajarkot and Rukum West, leading to significant losses. The local authorities are working tirelessly to assess the extent of the damage and provide assistance to those affected.



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