Durga Prasai Keeps Authorities in the Dark About Nov 23 Event

In Kathmandu, a notable contrast has emerged between the approaches taken by organizers of two massive demonstrations scheduled for November 23. Businessman Durga Prasai has raised concerns by not reporting the event to any government agency, leaving authorities uninformed about the planned program. On the other hand, CPN-UML leader Mahesh Basnet, organizing a program on the same day, has taken a transparent stance by officially communicating details to government authorities.

Basnet has formally shared program details with Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and various government and security agencies, even requesting government security for the event. In contrast, Prasai has yet to provide any information about the scheduled program, causing worry as the government relies on such information to make security arrangements for peaceful demonstrations.

Sources from Baluwatar claim that the lack of communication from Prasai raises concerns, and the government emphasizes its commitment to protecting lawful events while warning of potential intervention if constitutional and legal protocols are disregarded. Although the constitution permits organized programs, attempting to hold an event without informing the government may lead to intervention and control.

The motives behind Prasai’s decision to withhold information remain unclear. The government stresses its readiness to facilitate and protect peaceful gatherings but asserts that it must act in case of a violation of established laws and regulations. With uncertainty surrounding Prasai’s program, the government’s response is also uncertain. The absence of information hampers authorities’ ability to proactively address security concerns and coordinate logistical arrangements.

Campaigners, including Prasai, have expressed their intent to stage a massive demonstration in Kathmandu on November 23. Meanwhile, the UML has taken responsibility for a demonstration organized by Yuva Sangh, a sister organization of CPN-UML. The contrasting approaches of the organizers raise questions about the potential impact on security, government intervention, and the overall success of the planned demonstrations.


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