Gagan Thapa Calls for Revisions to Government’s Education Bill

Gagan Kumar Thapa, General Secretary of the Nepali Congress (NC), has raised significant reservations regarding the recently introduced Education Bill, 2080, during a program held in Kathmandu on Friday.

Thapa emphasized the urgent need for substantial revisions to the bill, highlighting more than 70 different sections that require amendments. He stressed the presence of numerous errors in the proposed legislation and underlined the importance of addressing these issues through parliamentary corrections before the bill’s passage. Thapa argued that the Education Bill should not only tackle current challenges but also be forward-looking, designed to remain effective for at least two decades.

In his address, Thapa advocated for an increase in salaries for educators as a critical strategy to enhance Nepal’s education sector. He firmly believed that without providing teachers with adequate remuneration, legislative changes alone could not lead to meaningful improvements in education.

Furthermore, Thapa called upon the government to promptly address the demands of teachers, ensuring that every student’s right to education is upheld. Expressing regret over the delayed introduction of a universal education law, he emphasized that such a law should have been enacted much earlier to benefit the nation.


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