Government to Establish Embassies in Eight Additional Countries

The government has announced plans to set up Nepali embassies in eight new countries around the world.

During a high-level meeting chaired by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal earlier this week, it was decided to open embassies in Portugal, Romania, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Maldives, Poland, and Turkey.

This decision, revealed by the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, is a response to the increasing number of Nepali expatriates in these countries, especially in Europe, where foreign job opportunities have expanded.

With a growing Nepali community in these nations, the government aims to cater to their needs by providing essential consular services.

Each of the newly established embassies will consist of a deputy secretary from the Foreign Service, an officer-level labor assistant from the Ministry of Labor, and one local employee, all dedicated to serving the Nepali diaspora in their respective regions.

Following the resolution passed during the high-level meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will present the proposal for embassy establishment to the Council of Ministers.

The formal establishment of embassies in the chosen eight countries will be subject to the cabinet’s decision.


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