HoR first session: lawmakers vow to work for interests of people

Rastriya Swatantra Party Chair and Deputy Prime Minister Rabi Lamichhane has said the people’s vote for the party during the November 20 elections reflected people’s hope from the party.

In his address to the very first meeting of the House of Representatives following the elections to the HoR and Province Assembly held on November 20, Lamichanne who is also the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs in the CPN (Maoist Centre)-led government said the party was committed to deliver as per the people’s aspirations.

The leader who was elected to the HoR from the Chitwan constituency-2 assured of acting tough against corruption, seeking support and cooperation from all quarters towards that end.

Similarly, Janata Samajbadi Party Nepal’s parliamentary party leader Ram Sahaya Prasad Yadav said the new parliament is required to work for protection and enforcement of political achievements such as republic, federalism, secularism, inclusion and proportional representation.

Claiming that efforts were on to restore centralized system by weakening federalism, the HoR member from Bara-2 called one and all to withstand such efforts.

Expressing his concern over a delay in finalizing the Citizenship Bill, many Nepali suffered statelessness because of it. He demanded the prompt conclusion of the Bill.

Likewise, Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chair Rajendra Lingden vowed to deliver in the interest of the nation and the people. He said the party would remain committed to the issues of nationality, unity, development, good governance and effective service delivery during its presence in the parliament as in the past.

The leader who won the HoR election from Jhapa-3 said the people’s mandate through the November 20 elections was that no particular party was able to find a way to the national issues, collective efforts were needed, instead.


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