Discussion at Home Ministry on Valley Security Amidst Rising Tensions

In response to the escalating tensions surrounding conflicting demonstrations in Kathmandu Valley, a crucial meeting has been called at the Ministry of Home Affairs. The gathering, led by Secretary Dinesh Bhattarai, aims to address and strategize on maintaining peace and security in the region.

The focal point of the discussions is the upcoming demonstrations scheduled for November 23. Durga Prasai, the organizer of the “Save Nation, Nationality, Religion, Culture and Citizens Maha Abhiyan,” and Mahesh Basnet, a prominent leader of CPN-UML, are both planning events on the same day, raising concerns about potential clashes.

Chief district officers from Kathmandu Valley and heads of various security agencies are actively participating in the meeting. The authorities are evaluating the situation and formulating a comprehensive plan to prevent any untoward incidents during the simultaneous demonstrations.

Of particular concern is the likelihood of a confrontation at Maitighar Mandala, where both Mahesh Basnet and the Durga Prasai group are set to hold their respective demonstrations. The meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs aims to coordinate efforts to ensure public safety and prevent any disruption to the peace and harmony of the Kathmandu Valley.


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