IFRC Launches Emergency Appeal for Jajarkot Earthquake Response

Kathmandu, Nov 12: The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has issued a vital emergency appeal to bolster relief and response efforts for the victims of the recent earthquake in Jajarkot.

The IFRC has called for emergency assistance amounting to 5 million Swiss Francs to aid survivors of the Jajarkot disaster. This appeal follows a pattern set during the aftermath of the 2015 April Gorkha earthquake, where the IFRC played a crucial role in providing humanitarian support.

The international humanitarian organization is actively engaged in a comprehensive response, including the distribution of shelter and non-food materials such as cash, emergency shelter, tarpaulins, mattresses, blankets, medical treatment, psycho-social counseling, sanitary materials, and livelihood essentials.

The IFRC Office in Kathmandu has outlined plans to offer financial assistance to families severely affected by the earthquake. This aid will encompass the construction of temporary shelters, procurement of essentials, and the establishment of sanitation facilities.

The earthquake, measuring 6.4 in magnitude, struck Jajarkot and Rukum West on November 3, with its epicenter at Ramidanda in Jajarkot. The disaster resulted in the loss of over 150 lives, left approximately 200 people injured, and caused extensive damage to homes and public infrastructure. More than 30,000 houses, both public and private, were destroyed, affecting over 38,000 families.

“In the aftermath of the quake, the IFRC, in collaboration with its partners, including the Nepal Red Cross, has been actively delivering immediate humanitarian services. Search and rescue operations, relief distribution, and other essential services are being efficiently conducted by skilled Red Cross volunteers. Immediate assistance, including first aid, psychosocial support, blood transfusion, ambulance services, and the provision of non-food items, is underway,” stated an official statement.

The IFRC has already disbursed Rs 100 million in immediate assistance to those affected by the Jajarkot earthquake, demonstrating its commitment to providing timely and impactful support. The headquarters of IFRC in Geneva, Switzerland facilitated the fund transfer to Nepal Red Cross through the Disaster Response Emergency Fund.


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