International airport was not necessary in Pokhara and Bhairahawa: Madhav Nepal

CPN-Unified Socialist Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal said that there is no need of Pokhara International Airport and Bhairahawa International Airport.

Chair Nepal on Friday while speaking at a seminar organized by the Party’s Finance and Planning Department on the country’s current economic situation and solutions said that there is no need for Pokhara and Bhairahawa International Airport.

He said that even though billions of rupees have been invested in these two airports, there has been no return. If that money was invested in another area, it would have pay off, Nepal says.

Furthermore, he opined that the Nijgadh International Airport will fulfill the country’s requirement. He also stressed that the country’s needs hadn’t been prioritized and there was inability to think far-sightedly in any of the projects.

“There are problems in all areas of the country and the main cause of the problem is corruption. Corruption can be ended only through Singha Durbar”, Nepal said.

He said that the agricultural sector should be made the cornerstone of Nepal’s economy and the state should give high priority for this.


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